October 01, 2015


The best American fair trade fashion blogs on the internet

Best fair trade fashion bloggers

As you know, It’s fair trade month and we feel the need to feature as many cool people that do fair trade their kudos. In this posts, we’ll only be featuring independent Amercian bloggers that focus on ethical fashion. Stay tuned for next post though as we’ll do a run up of the best ethical fashion bloggers from the other side of the atlantic. Here we go, and let’s start with one of our favorites:


let's be fair blogDominique, the owner for the Let’s Be Fair blog is great at what she does and we like her. We love her writing, her content, her photos and although she does not always do fashion related blogging, you will love the stuff she puts out. It’s all about the fair and social justice lifestyle, which —if you are Vavas or readers of the Vavavida blogs— you will certainly appreciate.

style wise blogLeah is an ethical and Fair Trade fashion blogger and she has some great posts. What we like about her Style Wise is that it looks fresh, “insouciant”, genuine, low key and nerdy. Her outfits are nerdy, fashionable, simple and sensible without looking blah… also Lots of stripes. There’s nothing outrageous or unbearable. It’s cute, it’s everyday, it just is. Her jewelry is in the same line as she uses it to accessorize and not to make an outfit. Completely different from pretty much anything else out there.

lifestyle justice blogAlthough we only discovered it recently, we like Hannah’s blog. Lifestyle Justice has a great design that’s simple and clean, chic, and sophisticated. We love the looks and the fact that it gives a different take on ethical fashion other than the one presented by Dominique or Leah. Hannah is passionate about social justice and ethical fashion. She has good tastes and style without overdoing it. recommend read.

shimmers of grey blogOur last one today is Shimmers of Grey. We discovered this blog doing research for this post but we immediately knew we had found a candidate when we landed on it. it’s big on high quality photos and great style. Em Grey, the owner and lead blogger there is also a photographer and she is quite good. She is gorgeous, looks like loads of fun and is a major supporter of all ethical fashion brands. She has good style and we like her content. It’s honestly a good read and she again has a different style from any of the bloggers we mentioned above. 

the garbage pile blogOn to Jennie ... and she's got a gun. The Garbage Pile is one of my absolute favs. We discovered her blog through Instagram a couple months ago and her feed has kept us interested from then on. She posts regularly, has a super cool and interesting style. She is a fan of slow fashion (ethical fashion) as her Instagram feed will tell you and her outfits are just cool, colorful, kitsch and fashion forward at the same time. She is a one of a kind.

All in all, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these wonderful bloggers. We love that we discovered new bloggers to read and learn from. They are cool, stylish, different in their own rights, and educated and passionate about ethical fashion. They all got great style, feature some great products and brands and they all are always a good read. We recommend them all. 


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