Some of the coolest UK based ethical fashion bloggers

The best UK based ethical fashion bloggers

When we got the idea to do this post, we quickly realized this was going to be a series. The more we researched ethical fashion bloggers, the more we realized we would have to separate them into blocks because too many of them were great, featuring amazing brands doing so many cool things, plus all the bloggers we found were styling those items in such cool and distinctive manners that we thought it would be unfair to not feature a lot of them.

Given that the title most likely made you click, you know what’s coming. Here is a round up of our favorite UK based ethical fashion bloggers:

Eco vintage blogKatie is a young ethical fashion blogger but her style is mature, chic, distinctive, a bit punk, some black lipstick and a whole lot of awesome. There is a definite thread in her style but she has not cornered herself into a adopting a single type of outfit. Her blog is interesting as it is not just about her outfits, but also talks about what goes on in the fashion industry, whether haute couture or vintage, or about Adidas’ new shoe made from recycled material.

Adore, reflect, sustainEmma, the lead blogger at Adore, Reflect, Sustain is great. We love her blog. It’s thoughtful, it’s intellectual, it’s broad but focused and it covers interesting subjects. If the intellectual side of ethical fashion interests you, Emma is your gal. Just be aware that she posts about the industry more than her outfits. One thing that you don’t find everywhere is that she has put together a list of her favorite ethical fashion retailers. And no, we are not biased there because Vavavida is not included. We just love the idea that directories exist for ethical fashion brands. There are more than you think!

style eyes blogOne thing is for sure, Ceri is the mothership when it comes to ethical fashion blogs. She is a straight up “traditional” lifestyle fashion blog as she posts more often about what she wears than about other subjects in the fashion industry. She is a mom of 2 and her outfits reflects that much, even if she does not have a specific style she says. We like her stuff at Vavavida. It’s sensible, fashionable, cute, perfect for every day use. Check her out.


charity shop chicThe concept of this blog is just too good and I should tell you that this is must for the DIY girl in you. This very creative blogger takes cool but discarded clothes and reshapes, cuts, resizes, refashions and recycles them into new items that she wears and styles on her blog. Pretty neat, no? Neat…!? it’s just downright awesome. She also uses certain themes or fictional characters as inspiration for her amazing hacks. That blogger is no slouch and she is very talented.

moral fibersWendy is the last entry in this little round up. We have decided to include her even though she is a full lifestyle blogger and not just a fashion blogger. She posts often, up to 3 times a week and usually one of those posts is about her daily ethical and fashionable outfit as well as other subjects concerning the ethical fashion industry. It’s a good blog with good photos. worth a read.

Antoine Didienne
Antoine Didienne


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