June 01, 2016


Boho Chic Retailer Vavavida breathes new life into Recycled Sari’s with Handbag

Vavavida, an online Boho Chic Fashion website is proud to offer a new type of Bohemian Handbag.

The Recycled Sari Handbag boasts bright original, one-of-a kind colors made from Sari’s, the traditional dress of Indian Women. This is considered an eco-friendly, sustainable Fair Trade product due to the fact that a portion of the proceeds from each sale are donated back to the country it was sourced from.

A Sari consists of a very long narrow piece of cloth elaborately swathed around the body. The Sari is associated with grace and widely regarded as a symbol of grace in the South Asian cultures. Sari’s are made from weaving brightly colored silk to produce a unique variety of colors and patterns.

Recently, the Boho Chic style has taken Hollywood and Celebrities by storm. There are a number of Boho Chic Clothing Stores across the United States and it is a trend that is growing in popularity across Europe too. Boho Chic Clothing is easy to come across but to get the style right takes a little bit of work.

The Recycled Sari Handbag is a great option or staple piece to complete the Boho Chic look, not only does this product look good, but knowing it is a fair trade product makes wearing it feel good. 70% of the artisans making Fair Trade products are women so by providing a global marketplace for these women to create and sell these one of a kind bags, Vavavida continues to help empower these women and ensure a feature for them to continue their craft. Each handbag is spacious, lightweight yet durable and is perfect for the bohemian lifestyle. ” Planning on visiting your local farmers market? Well don’t forget to bring your Recycled Sari Pocket Tote! “

Each Recycled Sari Tote is a fashion statement and conversational piece designed to bring out the inner flower child.

More About Vavavida: Vavavida specializes in Fair Trade Bohemian and Boho Chic Fashion items procured from around the world. Vavavida’s online Fair Trade marketplace provides an opportunity for socially conscious consumers to connect with local artisans and craftsman from countries like India and Peru so they can purchase fashion items. Each item procured by Vavavida comes with a Fair Trade story associated with it further connecting the consumer to their purchase. Vavavida works with suppliers from all over the world promoting Fair Trade. By purchasing fair products these suppliers are able to continue working in a sustainable way that is good for them, their community and the local environment.

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