April 15, 2015


The Best Boho Blogs On The Internet

Is Boho Chic your thing? Do you love looking at those flowy dresses and garbs and just day dream about it? Are you looking for inspiration on how to dress? No matter what your reason is, Here are the best of the best of the Boho Chic/Bohemian/Gypsy blogs on the net... that we know of. 


Gypsy Tan



Sabrina's blog is reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest and for good reasons. I love her looks, her attitude and her use of decals and flash on her body. This is a great blog and her outfits are awesome. One of the best Boho blogs, hands down.

Lots of hats, lots of Indian inspired jewelry, turquoise cuffs and lots of southwest for this northwest blog. It's a west coast thing. 






boho bunnie


Andrea has the most Free People-ish blog of the ones listed here. I'll explain, Free People is very good at crafting that etherial, flowy look and imagery that many boho chic images inspire and I simply love her photos. Top 2 with Purse 'n Boots for the photos. 

We've worked with Andrea in the past and could not be happier with the results. The photos were gorgeous, the posts fantastic. 

She also blogs about music, beauty and food. 






Boho style life



Maybe the most "lifestyle" of the blogs cited here. And maybe the least boho too. It's a good blog and I love her outfits (very colorful), very chic but not always Boho. At least, not in the purest sense of the style.  

Boho Chic is not a style that leaves anybody indifferent, it's either hit or miss for most but Jenny is very good at treading the line between chic, sexy and flourishes of boho.







Bohemian Chic

The blog is still up but Romy has stopped blogging after going to South East Asia and learning about the conditions of workers in sweatshops. We've talked about this issue a whole lot and especially in our post Drop Dead Fashion about our posts about there Rana Plaza disaster. 

Her style is a bit more subdued and simpler but still very effective and boho.






stardust bohemian

Sera's blog is about a pure fashion blog. She rocks incredible outfits and jewelry and will sprinkle that with other beauty products she uses.

Personally, this is one fo my favorites. I love Sera's Boho Punk looks and attitude. More blacks, more lace, more in your face and MORE RINGS! 

She has the edgiest blog here and we've loved working with her. She posted about our super popular Tear drop Ring in these blog posts here






Luana is a boho girl. She posts about her outfits, boho fashion in general. I love her style and there is always something interesting on her blog. 

This is the most hippie side of boho blog listed I believe. Great stuff. 

You can check out our collaborations with Luana right here on this very boho link.






purse n boots

Now, this blog is a different beast. Ashley and her photographer take great care in creating and crafting stories on their photoshoots. This is the most high fashion of the blogs here and has maybe a bit more a 1960s  edge to it although sometimes straying from the Boho theme to indulge into other fashion trends of the era.

One thing is for sure, her photographer is very good; the pictures are amazing and well worth a look. 




You know of one better or just as good? tell us...

April 08, 2015


Drop Dead Fashion

(A word of caution about this post: this is not upbeat, this is not lighthearted but it's informative and important to read and watch). Enter at your risks...


There are few catastrophes in this life that have shaken to my core. I can be jaded and pretty cynical about things...


That being said, we all have the common experience of 9/11... and we have all shared our experience and our emotions to this event with the simple: "Where were you when the planes hit the twin towers?"

Well, I was in bed sleeping soundly in San Diego... My then girlfriend (who was abroad at the time) called me frantically to turn on the tv immediately. I did and screamed for my roommate to get his butt over here this instant. I still get chills about it and I find all this loss, these deaths utterly stupid.


Now... Where were you when Rana Plaza happened? I was right here, in my office working on Vavavida. Oh, you've never heard of it? I am not surprised to tell you the truth. It's the place where a sweatshop used to be in Bangladesh. I say "used to be" because it collapsed and 1,100 people died in the process. The 2nd anniversary of the collapse is coming up (April 24) and when it happened it shook me to my core. 1,100 people. all dead. mostly women and young girls. All dead. And I was angry and incredibly sad. Dead. Because WE don't think how we buy our clothes, me included. Who's fault is it? Us or the brands that barrage us with constant, incessant advertising for new collections, new looks, new this and new that... Seasons just used to be 4 times a year, now fast fashion companies make them every 2 weeks. It forces tremendous pressure on their sub-contractors and their sub-contractors to deliver finished orders in absolute record time. For example, H&M goes from sketch to store in a couple of months now. The pressure on the small sub-contractors forces their margins down and thus forces them to increase the pressure on their workers, who often have no choice but to work 12 hours/day for ridiculous pay and no time-off. American brands (and European ones to a lesser extent) wash their hands off having ANY responsibility because they supposedly cannot control the practices of their contractors. Well, that's just massive load of lies and we should wash their mouths with soap. :)

Oh, I know you'll think this is hypocritical of me to criticize them. We are in the same business. Yes and no. We are nothing like the money thirsty/very low ethics companies like Urban Outfitters, Free People, Zara, Gap, H&M and the likes. We built our business on ethics and on being socially conscious AND fashionable. We think YOU should not have to choose between great style at a good price and perpetuating poverty for a cheap tank top. But, that's besides the point here.

Now, where was I? Oh yes... on to the reason why I am writing today.

What I wanted to talk about today is related to Rana Plaza... Just today, I have come across a web series from Norway through a wonderful article that gives a certain reality check to ALL of us, but especially to 3 young fashion bloggers. I am not sure "Enjoy" is the right thing to say here, but this is important to see if you cannot experience it.

Watch the first episode after the break...

Watch the other episodes in this link that will take you to newspaper (aftenposten) that commissioned the show.

November 13, 2014


How Jewelry And Fashion Can Change The World For Good

Why do you do the things you do? Why do you get up every morning and go to work? What's your purpose?

Ours is Vavavida.

This company (personal quest?) was born out of having a grander purpose in life, of wanting to do something meaningful. The three individuals that founded Vavavida all had stories and personal motivations about why they wanted to start this crazy venture, but they all cared about one thing together: helping others where they need help. That's why they chose to work with women in the first place.

It's never been a better time to be a woman in the developed world, but it's far from true everywhere else.

In India for example, as you will have learned if you've read our latest posts, the condition of women and their rights is still a work in progress... and not much progress has been made. Workers rights is also a big fat problem in the region (e.g. Rana Plaza). Now combine both and imagine the dire and dark result.

So, where am I going with all this?

YOU are our POWER to CHANGE the world. When you purchase items on Vavavida, you help a woman in India feed her kids, keep them in school longer and give them a chance to shape their own future. You are the true change maker and we are just the vehicle... but we do need from you that you talk about Vavavida to others.

That's why, last Friday, we were on a talk radio show to talk about Vavavida and our mission to change the fashion industry through using ethically made jewelry with a mission to give back to the communities that make the beautiful bracelets you buy from us.

Take a listen to our radio interview, and SHARE IT! ... with everybody you know.


In a related story: Did you watch the Oscars Sunday? Women and minorities are still under represented in this boys club; and in 2015 we are still talking about women's rights in the United States, even at the Oscars (e.g. Patricia Arquette in her acceptance speech). Does that blow your mind? it blows mine.