August 07, 2015


Some big pro-senal news

Yes, it's true...

After the success of the amazing article featured on the front page of the San Diego Union Tribune just last week, I got some big personal/professional news last night. Since I will soon become a celebrity I have already made the preliminary steps to changing my name to everybody's favorite San Diego news anchorman Ron Burgundy -- because clearly success has gone to my head and I can't have a name like Antoine Didienne. ;)

Of course I won't be changing my name any time soon but we were so happy about the news that we were in a very silly mood this morning coming in to the office. 

Since I don't have all the details, I can't exactly tell you about it completely but just know that I was very flattered and slightly bewildered receiving the news. I had to read the email over twice to make sure I read it right. We should have more details by the end of the month and we will definitely let you know. 

I was so happy about "The News" that I thought I should offer you guys something to celebrate with me: a big discount!


Type in RonBurgundy at check out and enjoy a 20% off discount off the entire store!

You have until Monday midnight. 

We got some new products in recently (just like the one below), so if you have not been on recently you are in for a treat. 



- Antoine. 

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