Amour Ensemble Silver

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  • The Amour Ensemble Bangles is a set of 5 beautifulluy handcrafted bangles. We called them that because you cannot separate them. These are meant to wear together with lots of love. Choose the copper or the white brass, whatever your choice, you picked a winner. These are really cool and very... very boho chic. 

  • Made by an incredible set mostly female artisans in India, this co-op has the fair trade label and offers its members a real shot at a better life for themselves and their families and that's why we work with them. 

    Remember, part of your purchase benefits the Women Empowered program of Project Concern International, helping women gain agency upon their future and that of their community.

    Participate in our fair fashion coup. 

  • Clean it with a little bit of water and a paper towel. Otherwise, leave it to the passage of time to give it that nice aged patina that will give character to your jewelry.

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