Holi Bangles Green

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  • So bright in colors, so striking. We call them Holi Bangles because they remind us of the Hindu festival of colors, where people dress in white and throw color pigments at each other to celebrate the victory of good over evil. It is also the festival of love. It does not get any more free spirited than these fair trade bangles. Let’s get this (arm) party started! These handmade five stacking brass bangles are inlayed with animal colored bone with gorgeous color combos. They are very cool to wear together but can be worn individually. They make great arm candy.

  • - Brass and bones
    - Made in India by a co-op of women artisans
    - 10% goes back to invest in the PCI Women Empowered program
  • What began as a small artisan group working from tiny, congested work spaces in Old Delhi, the Metal Jewelry Group is now a large community of over 100 artisans focusing on education and improvements in health and environmental impacts.Thanks to the application of fair trade standards the artisans have had an increase in wages and community growth and has allowed them to fulfill their basic requirements for a decent living.

    Due to the sustainable growth of this community, the group has begun keeping their children to schools much longer. The group is very proud that the average literacy of the group has increased significantly. These actions clearly represent a cultural shift in attitude including the female role in a traditional community. The support of female education and the female artisan working openly in this community is fostering an educated and open society.
  • Just use cloth and water to clean up your cuff but it's up to you and a matter of style preference. If you do not decide to regularly clean it, the metal will gain a beautiful patina that will make your Holi Bangles get a vintage look.

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