Kashmir Thick Bangles Flowers

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  • This bangle bracelet is fun, fashionable, suited for formal or casual, adorably bohemian and fair trade. It is gorgeous and elegant with any outfit, whether you are going for boho or dressed up. Made out of a light wood and hand-painted by fair trade artisans in the Kashmir region of India, each piece is an individual work of art.

    Wear one or more - It's a unique bracelet and you will be hard-pressed to find another piece like these anywhere else.
    - Fair Trade – ethically produced and hand-painted in India
    - Light wood
    - Diameter 2.75 in
    - Width 1 in
  • Joo Handicrafts specializes in detailed motif painting and their work adorns our Kashmir Bangle Bracelets.  These artisans are located in Srinagar, Kashmir in the Himalayan valleys of northern India.  As conflict has risen in the region between Pakistan and India, the tourists that used to come to their city has dwindled leaving them no outlet to sell their wares. The land is not farmable and the residents must depend on crafts for their livelihood.  Thanks to the Fair Trade outlets and partnership of VavaVida, the community can survive and thrive. 
  • Just use cloth and water to clean up your cuff but it's up to you and a matter of style preference. If you do not decide to regularly clean it, the metal will gain a beautiful patina that will make your Brass Vine Cuff get a vintage look.

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