Osa Mahogany Necklace

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  • Let's face it, the Osa Mahogany Necklace is awesome. Even better, you can pair it with the Osa Mahogany Earrings. Just like the earrings, the necklace is handmade ethically in Peru by artisans according to the Fair Trade Federation principles. Classy, vintage-y, trendy (it rhymes), this necklace is truly beautiful. 
  • Brenda, an American painter and designer from Colorado is at the root of making these beautiful handmade items. She has partnered with very skilled and creative Peruvian artists in order to see her beautiful jewelry designs come to fruition. She is responsible for the US side of the business and designs many of the non Peru traditional painted earrings reminiscent of the South West boho style, like animals, birds and flowers and spends time in Peru with the artisans on product development. Almost all of the artisans Brenda works with have worked together for more than 10 years practicing their particular skill. Whether it's the painters or wire workers, they all have a passion for what they do. And thanks to fair trade like business practices, their lives are enriched and they can look to the future with hopes of growth.
  • No special care needed for this necklace.

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