About Us

Vavavida is a line of ethically made fashion jewelry items that give back. We only retail ethically made pieces of gorgeous high-quality hand crafted artisan jewelry from all over the world. But we don’t stop there because 10% of our revenues goes to non-profit organizations such as Project Concern International where our investments go to help empower women around the globe. When you empower a woman, you empower a community.

Vavavida was founded after a long conversation between Antoine and Dan --two of the co-founders-- seeing eye-to-eye about things that could be done in the world to enrich people’s lives. Vavavida was created to help prevent events like the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza sweatshop from happening again. If Vavavida can be part of the conversation in proving that healthy profits don’t have to come at the expense of the mistreating of other human beings, we will have won our “Fair Fashion Coup.”


We imagine a world where everyone is empowered and able to provide for their family and community; a healthy planet of peace and prosperity for generations to come.


Make the world a better place by providing high-quality products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically made while offering the best possible service to our customers and our community. 


We started Vavavida in March 2012. Because we cared about people..

Money is nice to have, but it's a mean to an end. That's why Vavavida was not a project born out of the idea of making huge profits, we thought it was about dignity, honesty and happiness.

Because we could neither exist without the craft and hard work of our the artisans we buy from nor without your contributions, we put our best foot forward to provide the best customer experience we can at every turn.

We hope to do our part by retailing responsible, socially conscious fashionable jewelry. By choosing our store, you are giving us a chance to change the world.