Boho Chic Clothing

Boho Chic Clothing has grown in popularity since it really exploded in the fashion industry during the first decade of the millennium. 2016 sees no slow down in the popularity of this stylish Bohemian inspired style of dress and as a result we are seeing a number of Boho Chic clothing stores popping up all over the place – both online and offline.

Boho Chic Clothing

If you are wondering where to buy Boho Chic clothing then this article aims to provide an excellent resource as to the best places of where to buy Boho Chic clothing online.

To achieve a true Boho Chic look it is not always possible to go and assemble a complete outfit from one source. The more options you have in terms of places to buy outfits from, the better your look is likely to be. Sometimes you will be looking for the convenience of online shopping to assist you (that’s where this article comes in handy) and of course you will also have your favorite offline retail stores. You will also become adept at locating ethnic goods when you are on vacation or just on spec when the opportunity arises.

One of our favorite online stores is Gypsy Outfitters ( and they offer a complete range of hippie chic and Boho Chic clothing. The website is clean and covers a complete Boho Chic brand clothing line from shoes and sandals to dresses to headbands. They also offer a useful and interesting blog as well as home décor and gift cards.

Three Bird Nest ( is another fantastic resource to either find inspiration for your boho chic clothing style or to actually buy new clothes to add your existing wardrobe. The cost of items is average and they have some great designs.

Planet Blue ( is the final of our favorite boho chic online stores and is another really good option. They offer international shipping so you are not limited by location and this is one of my favorite stores to do a little bit of window shopping. They gallery style website is perfect for browsing the numerous boho chic styles they are showcasing. They also have a number of stores across the United States with the majority of them in California.

Although online shopping is very convenient, many consumers looking for Boho Chic clothing for women will be wanting to go to a store and actually feel the quality and the textures of the materials they are purchasing. There is also the need for human interaction which seems more important when opting for this style of fashion. The story behind a garment can make it ten times more appealing if it has been told face to face rather than just reading a designers blurb on a webpage.

When it comes to brands of Boho Chic clothing, it is not that important to try and find the biggest and most well know brand possible. You just want to ensure that the materials wherever possible are as natural as possible whilst being ethically sound. Often, the smaller brands are better at providing this than the bigger brands.

Another problem with choosing a bigger brand is that more people are likely to also own that garment or part of your overall look. Therefore, if you are out with a bunch of friends who all have the same style as you, the chances of both wearing a similar garment are heightened if you both shop with big brand names. The whole style of Boho Chic should feel unique, thrown together and ultimately it should look effortless.

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