Boho Chic Style – Upward Trends

 These days we hear the term Boho Chic banded around quite a lot and whether it is a celebrity making waves turning up to a movie premiere or their wedding in Boho Chic style clothing or whether it is the latest edition of Vogue promoting a Boho Chic style guide – the Boho Chic style is unquestionably on an upward curve.

Boho Chic Style

Boho Chic style has permeated in to a variety of areas of the fashion and style industry and is certainly not just limited to clothes and wearable accessories. Home décor and furniture are the latest product ranges to be added to this style that dates back to the pre-Raphaelite era.

Boho Chic style ideas incorporate the traditional Boho Chic values of the Bohemian culture of the 1960’s and 1970’s in an elegant, stylish and sophisticated manner. Since it’s birth in the early 1990’s and then it’s revival in the middle of the first decade of the new millennium, Boho Chic looks like a fashion trend that is here to stay. Unlike many trends that tend to work in a cyclical way, the style Boho Chic seems to be on an upward trajectory and is showing no signs of stopping.

Almost every day there is a new Boho Chic style blog or Boho Chic style Tumblr being created with hundreds and thousands of followers eager to engage and share their latest outfit ideas.

Our Boho Chic Style Fashion page will cover some of the key styles to look out for but if you are looking for Boho Chic decorating style tips then here are a few to consider to make your home a stylish Bohemian paradise.

Boho Chic Style Ideas For The Home

Floral patterns mixed with neutral shades and tones offer a contrast that is stylish but makes a bold statement.

Freshly cut branches that are just starting to bloom can bring a room to life and last for a week or two to bring a sense of freshness to your living space.

Try to achieve a balanced but not completely symmetrical look. A mixture of antique ornaments with more modern neutral shades can achieve this look perfectly.

Brightly colored vinyl chair covers contrasted with earthy wooden tables can present the prefect Bohemian breakfast area. How better to start your day than in your own little Boho Chic eatery.

Head to your local flea or rag market and pick up some local art work to hang. You can always find rustic looking frames at your local antique store or you might even pick something up at the flea market itself.

Rugs are perfect to set a contrast against wooden floors. We prefer Chinese style or antique looking rugs with swirly patterns.

Consider shapes when styling your living space in a Boho Chic style. The use of rounded footstools with sharp edged tables gives a perfect contrast of circular and square for the prefect eclectic look.

It will take time to achieve the perfect Boho Chic look in your home and it is almost impossible to do overnight.

And why should you? A true Boho Chic home décor style should be created over time to not only create the right look, but also to give you plenty of enjoyment whilst searching for just the right items.

Head to your local antique dealers, rag and flea markets and boutique stores to start your Boho Chic home decoration journey today – and remember, it should be a journey that never ends and continuously evolves.

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