Eco Fashion Designs Prove Popular Amongst Fashionistas

For many years there have been certain connotations associated with terms such as ‘eco fashion’ , ‘sustainable fashion’ and ‘eco friendly fashion’, but as we progress in to the latter part of 2016 have attitudes really changed that much or is eco fashion design still perceived to be made of threadbare cottons, dodgy stitching and earthy uninspiring colors?

The answer to the question of changing attitudes seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of eco fashion designs and with demand higher than ever before, the sales statistics back up the feeling amongst industry experts that sustainable eco fashion is an increasing trend – and supply is matching demand in such a way that there is an ever increasing range of clothing and accessories to suit every taste, style and budget.

As demand increases, so does awareness and this is in no small part down to the brilliant work of a multitude of eco fashion brands and eco fashion promoters such as Eco Fashion Week and the Eco Fashion Magazine.

Eco Fashion Week Bigger and Better Than Ever

Eco Fashion Week 2016 takes in a new location from the usual Vancouver show and takes place in Seattle this year. Promising to be bigger and better than ever before, Eco Fashion Week takes place from November 1st to November 4th 2016. With a range of eco friendly companies in attendance a range of brands will be showcased including Abel, Carolyn Bruce, Ethik, Sanskar, Prophetik, Laudae, Ella Shoes, Tildart, Tetyana Golota and many more besides.

Eco Fashion Week also sees key note speakers from a range of industry leading organizations and if past events are anything to go by we could see speeches from the likes of Tony Shumpert (VP of Recycling and Reuse, Value Villlage), Kyle Rudzinski (Sustainability Manager, Levi and Strauss) and Sean Schmidt (Founder of Futrure-ish).

But Eco Fashion Is Too Expensive!

A common misconception is that eco fashion is expensive. It did indeed used to be the case that eco fashion could be more expensive than other fast fashion alternatives and of course there are premium eco fashion brands that charge a premium for their more expensive materials. The idea that fair trade costs a little more than non-fair trade is another factor to consider but the price difference is nowhere near as big a gap as it used to be. In fact, there are now a number of ethically friendly fashion brands that are affordable for even the most stringent of budgets.

Just so you have absolutely no reason not to jump in and explore eco fashion clothing for yourself, we have chosen five our favorite cheap eco friendly fashion brands. Remember, half the fun is finding exciting new brands for yourself but this top 5 sustainable fashion list will be a very good starting place for you.

Top 5 Affordable Eco Friendly Brands

Della –
Producing handmade dresses in a small community in Ghana, Della is one of the most eco conscious brands you will find that puts a real focus on it’s social responsibilities. A fantastic range of maxi dresses and skirts are available at a very reasonable price.

H&M Conscious Collection
Another great example from H&M as they attempt to bring eco fashion to the masses. This range will suit the very tightest of budgets.

Reformation –
Coming to you from LA, this has to be one of the trendiest eco fashion brands in the market. With a vintage but stylish look to the 2016 collections, you will feel cooler than a cucumber with this affordable apparel.

Made –
Made in Kenya, the use of reclaimed brass is at the heart of what Made produces. They support the local economy by producing appealing jewelry that is bang on trend. Very affordable too.

Gather and See –
Producing more traditional ethical fashion items, the colors and designs of Gather and See’s clothing range will suit those of you who want to make a statement with your fashion choices. They offer clothing and accessories that are affordable for most budgets.

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