Ethical Fashion Clothing Taking The World By Storm

As time goes by it seems that consumers are becoming more aware of their responsibilities when it comes to buying products that are ethically sound in terms of the way they have been sourced, produced and ultimately sold. An increase in this social and ethical responsibility has seen many fashion designers and fashion retailers respond to an increased demand by stepping up their efforts to bring ethical clothing brands to the masses.

In case there was any doubt, ethical fair trade clothing is basically clothing that has been designed, sourced, manufactured and sold whilst adhering to ethical and fair trade standards at every step in the cycle.

The production of such ethical fashion lines should adhere to the following principles:

  • Workers should be paid fair wages, provided suitable working conditions and have suitable workers rights.
  • Livelihoods should be sustainable for workers producing ethical clothing.
  • The use of toxic chemicals and pesticides should be minimal.
  • Environmentally friendly fabrics and materials should be used.
  • Recycling should be promoted and actively used in the creation of goods.
  • There should be a focus on raising awareness of eco-fashion.
  • There should be no infringement of animal rights.

All of these criteria for ethical clothing companies ultimately work towards eradicating the reliance on fast fashion and the damage that such fast paced fashion consumption has on people, their livelihoods, their local environment and the resources available to local areas.

Why Buy From Ethical Clothing Stores?

In an age when the world is shrinking due to developments in technology international trade is a perfectly viable option for most people. What’s more, consumers have almost infinite options available to them when choosing where to buy from and more importantly who to buy from. Ethically responsible consumers have a plethora of options of where to buy from and when searching for ethical clothing online a good directory can help (ours is coming up).

It is easy to go for the cheap fast fashion option and blind yourself to the realities of how such garments are produced for pennies, but the second you take a minute to really think about the reality of fast fashion, is usually the second that you decide ethical clothing brands will be your fashion of choice from now on. You will not realize the truly amazing feeling of wearing a new dress or shirt that you know has been crafted to the highest of ethical standards and knowing that you have made a difference to someone’s life by buying your newest fashion accessory rather than lining the pockets of a huge faceless corporation.

Directory Of Ethical Clothing Stores

With so many ethical clothing companies cropping up online it is hard to know where to look first. Out ethical clothing directory is suitable for men and women and features some of our favorite ethical fashion options.

Everlane – – Based in the USA
Fair Trade Winds – – Based in the USA
Indigneous Clothing – – Based in the USA
Mayamiko – – Based in the UK
Apolis – – Based in the USA and specializing in men’s apparel
Naja – – Based in the USA and specializing in lingerie and nightwear

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of options available to you when looking for ethical fashion options that you simply cannot possibly not find what you are looking for if you put that little bit of effort in. Whilst our directory is a good starting place, half the fun of it is looking for your style in the hundreds of unique online and offline retailers.

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