Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is fast becoming more and more desired by consumers in the developed world and after years of fashion consumption from unethical sources it seems that many people’s consciences are finally catching up with them. This article aims to highlight some of the best ethical fashion brands and feature premier ethical fashion designers who are taking ethical fashion online to the next level.

Before we continue let’s just ensure we have a full understanding of what ethical fashion actually is. If we use the dictionary definition of ethical it tells us that it is something that is morally right or morally acceptable. In terms of ethical fashion, that usually translates to products being made in morally acceptable conditions with workers being paid a fair wage, using materials that have been sustainably sourced and with goods being produced in safe conditions using environmentally friendly methods. It is this focus on social, commercial and environmental responsibility that makes ethical fashion companies so desirable for consumers and workers alike.

Top Ethical Fashion Brands

With the focus on ethical manufacturing and ethical fashion in replace of ‘fast fashion’ there have been a lot of ethical fashion companies competing for attention. With good ethical fashion brands in the USA, UK and indeed globally there is no shortage of companies to choose from and you can easily find something that suits your style.

Our favorite picks from the USA are:
Krochet Kids Intl. for their affordable and impactful brand;
Mata Traders for their beautiful dresses;
Pact for their focus on cotton basics.

Our favorite pucks from the UK are:
Fat Face for affordable beach wear;
Minna for their ethically made wedding and luxury dresses.

There are plenty of top brands out there focusing on ethical fashion and with more and more cropping up each week you will find plenty of options available to you.

Top Ethical Fashion Designers

Many of the so called top international fashion designers have realized the importance of producing environmentally friendly apparel that has been produced with a focus on commercially and socially acceptable methods of production. This has led to some of the world’s best fashion designers producing ethical fashion products.

Here we list out favorite ethical fashion designers:
Stella McCartney – High end fashion meets environmental and social sustainability. A long time campaigner of animal rights McCartney is revered as one of the most innovative designers and brings her designs to life using highly ethical methods.

Seth and Mitch Nash – These brothers are the brains behind USA based company Blue Q. Using 95% recycled materials they produce some of the most exiting designs in the fashion world. Add to this that they donate a percentage of all sales to the Nature Conservancy and you can feel very good indeed and look great at the same time when you buy from them.

Where To Find The Best Ethical Fashion Jobs

If you are completely sold on the idea of ethical fashion you may have decided that just buying ethically designed and produced goods is not enough for you. Perhaps you’d like a career in ethical fashion or perhaps you’d like to set up your own ethical fashion company?

There are plenty of online resources to help you find your perfect ethical fashion job and a good starting place is the Ethical Fashion Forum or Eco Fashion World who both have excellent websites full of tips on finding the perfect job and help on setting up your own ethical fashion design company.

We are passionate about ethical fashion and can vouch for the creativity, love and flair that you will experience every single day in this exciting industry.

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