Ethical Jewelry – The future of sustainable jewelry creation

Ethical jewelry creation has come a long way even over the last 6 years and since the 1990’s the whole fair trade jewelry scene looks completely different to where it was when conflict stones or gems were being sold on mass across the world. Whilst things are still not perfect across what has literally been a ‘cut throat’ industry at times, the landscape for ethical jewelry and ethical clothing as well as the demand for it from consumers is much improved.

5 years ago there was no such thing as fair trade jewelry that featured diamonds or other precious stones but a company known as Cred Jewellery ( has gone to enormous lengths to introduce real fair trade products to this growing market.

The perils associated with diamonds in particular have been highlighted over the last decade through news reporting and the 2006 movie Blood Diamond raised some difficult questions for producers and consumers alike. The fact that conflict stones now account for less than 1% of all precious stones worldwide is a huge improvement on affairs in the mid 1990’s when the figure was closer to 15% but the fact remains that there is still a raft of people across the world either being put in danger to source precious stones or who work in dreadful conditions that are putting the lives of workers at risk due.

Fair trade jewelry and ethical jewelry companies are going to enormous lengths to ensure that working conditions for local workers are good and that the pay is fair. Sustainability is key and the impact on social and economic conditions locally as well as ensuring the local environment does not suffer are key aims of sustainable jewelry creation. Harmful chemicals such as arsenic and mercury are still found in some non-ethical manufacturing and the conditions of some workers (including the use of child labor) are still poor for many non-ethical companies. If you want to make a difference and send a message out to the world then making the decision to shop fair trade and choosing ethical jewelry is the best way to do it. Not only will you feel good about what you are wearing, it will have a characterful story and will be more unique than something that has been mass produced.

Engagement and Diamond Rings

Ethical jewelry does not have to be limited to novelty pieces and by choosing a good fair trade online shop you will be able to find ethical engagement rings and ethical diamond rings that are stunningly beautiful. Choosing a fair trade shop online is pretty easy as most are subject to such high standards that of they carry the fair trade logo it is a pretty safe choice.

Of course, there will be a local fair trade gift shop fairly local to where you live (in most cases) and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the perfect piece of jewelry for that special occasion if you prefer to visit the shop in person rather than going to shop fair trade online.

Do The Right Thing

Ultimately, your conscience is going to have to bear the brunt of any decision you make about where you buy your jewelry from. There is a big difference between being an educated consumer and an uneducated consumer and now with a little more research I would suggest that 95% of people would only ever buy ethical jewelry again. Of course, you can make your own decisions – but with the prices of unethical and ethical jewelry not being that different, it is almost your moral obligation to shop fair trade when it comes to buying your next extravagant piece.

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