Fair Trade Gifts

Fair Trade GiftsOver the last decade and a half Fair Trade has grown significantly and in 2016 it is easier than ever to buy Fair Trade products. The most socially responsible consumers will always think Fair Trade before making any kind of purchase online or offline and will probably even search out Fair Trade products over non-Fair Trade products whenever they make a purchase for themselves or even as a gift. The boom of Fair Trade Gifts has been a more recent trend and there are now a multitude of options when looking to buy gifts that are Fair Trade approved.

Apart from the obvious benefits to the people who are making the gifts (many of whom are living in developing countries where there is a lack of wealth) there are plenty of benefits to both the person buying the gift as well as the recipient of the gifts. Anyone receiving a gift wants to feel special and like there has been a great deal of thought and care gone in to the choosing of the gift. By choosing to buy your gifts from a Fair Trade Shop you are making a purchase that is not being mass produced in factories or is to be found in every high street store up and down the country. Products are often more bespoke by their very nature and whether it is a piece of Fair Trade Jewelry, Fair Trade Clothing or something else that carries the Fair Trade logo, the chances are that your purchase will be much more unique than something coming straight out of a mass production factory.

Imagine the pleasure on the faces of your nearest and dearest when you give them Fair Trade Christmas Gifts or when you are invited to a close friend’s big day and you give them a heart felt, unique Fair Trade Wedding Gift! You will also be safe in the knowledge that the people who have spent their time, effort, skill and expertise have been properly compensated for their work.

What Type Of Fair Trade Gifts Are Available?

 There are a large amount of gift ideas available from a number of reputable online and offline stores. From toys and games for children to artisan jewelry, handmade scarves, Nicaraguan pottery, wall decorations and hand made candles for adults (to mention but a few) there is an unlimited amount of opportunities for gift ideas.

What Is Fair Trade And Does It Matter?

Fair trade essentially means that producers of goods in developing countries receive a fair price for the goods they produce and that certain social and environmental criteria are also met. These criteria ensure that the producers are able to live a life free from debt or poverty and that they are able to produce in a sustainable way meaning that future generations will enjoy the benefits of their trade.

It matters more than many of us in the developing world can fathom as these producers have little other means to make a living, but are also incredibly skilled and resourceful at what they do. Without fair trade, not only would these people find everyday life a real uphill struggle but we would also be robbing the world of their talent, skill and the real value of creating something beautiful. So next time you are looking for a beautiful bespoke gift for that someone special, turn to your local Fair Trade supplier or store and make a difference to the two groups of people for the price of one!