Fair Trade Jewelry – Why it is important to buy Fair Trade

Fair Trade JewelryFair Trade is a term that we see and hear plenty in developed countries and it is particularly prevalent on supermarket shelves. Since the Fair Trade labeling scheme that was introduced in 2002 raised awareness of Fair Trade across the world, the socially responsible concept has grown exponentially and many consumers’ buying habits now dictate that they will look for Fair Trade Online before buying goods that don’t carry the logo. 

Fair Trade Stores have popped up all over the place now and with good reason. As consumers become more educated there is a greater feeling of the need for social and consumer responsibility and consumers are happy to spend an extra few cents for a coffee or an extra few dollars for Fair Trade Gifts.


There has been a large movement in the development of Fair Trade Jewelry stores online and this is largely in response to consumer demand. People want to feel comfortable in the jewelry that they wear and many people find this easier with a clear conscience that an investment in Fair Trade Jewelry brings.

Whether you are looking for Fair Trade engagement rings, gold or silver Fair Trade Jewelry or even Fair Trade Jewelry wholesale providers, you can be sure that you will find what you are looking for with just a simple Google search.

But Why Buy Fair Trade Jewelry?

The core fundamental reasons that Fair Trade was set up in the first place will create many of the reasons as to why someone would want to buy jewelry that carries the Fair Trade stamp of approval. Fair Trade ensures that the producers who often work in developing countries get a fair price for the goods or services that they provide. All too often, large corporations have paid all too little for goods such as gold and silver and have then sold them on for a large profit, leaving the people who work the hardest the hardest up – something that leads to unsustainability for the them and the industry.

Ultimately, if Fair Trade did not exist then the people working in this area would not be able to work sustainably, meaning that they will most likely end up in a world of poverty and being out of business – meaning that you won’t have that gold ring next time around. That may seem a little far fetched but by making a purchase from a Fair Trade Shop, you are ensuring that the people at every point in the supply chain are getting a fair deal, that sustainability is being promoted and that you can wear that expensive piece of jewelry without a feeling of guilt every time you show it off or are asked about it. It also means that you are able to discuss and promote the Fair Trade message when you are talking about it at the next swanky dinner party you wear it to – something that can only gain you admiration from the other guests.

As Fair Trade suppliers we are of course going to promote the concept whole-heartedly but it really shouldn’t be a question for anyone with a conscience. If you really can’t afford the extra few dollars to ensure that the person who supplies the raw materials for your latest fashion accessory then perhaps you should reconsider that purchase in the first place. That is not us trying to make big outlandish statements, but in a world where we all need to shoulder some level of social and economic responsibility, Fair Trade is just one of the ways in which we can ensure we are having a positive impact on the world in which we live – and in the case of jewelry, still look great at the same time!