Fair Trade Online Store – Why You Should Shop There

Fair Trade Online Store

The idea of fair trade for developing countries is one that has existed since early in the Twentieth Century, but it is only really since soon after the turn of the Millennium that the modern notion of Fair Trade was really born and the official Fair Trade labeling was introduced. With Fair Trade awareness being at an all time high across America and other Western countries you might be surprised to find yourself reading an article with as obvious a title as this one. But what is perhaps more surprising is the fact that over 40% of North Americans still don’t have full awareness of Fair Trade and the values that it promotes.

When you shop for Fair Trade online you are not only (probably) finding a better product than if you were shopping non-Fair Trade but you are also helping the very people that produced your product in the first place. That is, the people at the beginning of the supply chain – the people whom without, you would not have a product to buy at all! It only seems ‘fair’ doesn’t it that these people who often have vast amounts of talent and skill and compensated fairly for the work they do.

Fair Trade ensures that producers earn a fair wage for their produce. This essentially allows them to live fairly comfortably and (crucially) free from debt. The sustainability provided economically, socially and environmentally ensures that these producers in developing countries will be able to continue to produce the goods that consumers in developed countries either want or need for generations to come.

So why should you shop for your Fair Trade products online? You could of course head down to your local store that supplies Fair Trade goods and there is nothing wrong with that. However, with the number of Fair Trade Online Shopping websites available in 2016 there really is no excuse to buy many imported products that are non-fair trade accredited.

There are now Fair Trade online stores for so many different types of products form the original coffee and tea based products to Fair Trade jewelry, clothing and gifts. With Fair Trade gift ideas often being bespoke one of a kind items or pieces of artisan clothing that have used traditional hand woven methods of production, buying gifts in Online Fair Trade Shops is such a good idea. Not only are you helping out the producers who work tirelessly but you are also buying possibly the most memorable and unique gift imaginable. Put it this way, it is highly unlikely that someone will have purchased the same gift to the wedding of the year that you have bought!

Buying a piece of clothing for yourself? Ever had that horrible feeling that someone else will be wearing the same item of clothing as you? You can almost eradicate that worry completely by buying a bespoke Peruvian artisan made fashion top or dress – not forgetting the fact that you are safe in the knowledge that you have done your bit for the world.

So, it should be pretty clear by now that where it is possible to buy Fair Trade, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. In fact, I’m pretty sure we didn’t mention any negatives at all – that’s right, we didn’t… because there aren’t any. If you have never knowingly bought a Fair Trade product that isn’t coffee or tea based then what are you waiting for – there is a whole new world of brilliance out there for you to find!

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