A Commitment To Fair Trade Products

Living in a world that appears to be getting smaller as a result of global technological advances it only seems right that most consumers in developed countries are aware of Fair Trade and that they also want to be a part of it. At Vavavida we are fully supportive of Fair Trade initiatives and only stock Fair Trade Products.

 A Commitment To Fair Trade Products

What Is Fair Trade?

Although most of us have a concept of what Fair Trade is, it is still worth reminding ourselves of the exact details behind it. The key principles are to provide better prices, improved working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

Fair Trade promotes the development of worker and farming communities and aims to give these communities more control over their working conditions and to allow them to create a sustainable environment to ensure that the future of these communities and environments are secure for future generations.

One of the other key priorities of Fair Trade is to promote awareness and campaign for changes to the practice of international trade as it is currently. It is only through the backing by consumers in buying Fair Trade products that this is able to happen.

What is a Fair Trade Product?

A Fair Trade Product is one that has adhered to the key principles of Fair Trade in its production. Let’s take a simple scenario – imagine a cotton farmer sells their cotton for $2 per pound but the value of this for a large organization is $200 per pond once it has been branded. The cotton farmer is hardly making ends meet and finding himself in growing debt whilst the organization sells the product for huge profits. Not only is this unfair but it is also unsustainable. Fair Trade ensures that the cotton farmer receives a fair price for the cotton by establishing Fair Trade agreements which improves the local community, ensures that the cotton farmer can work for years to come and costs the large organization very little in relative terms.

Why Buy Fair Trade Products?

A Fair Trade Product might cost a little bit more than a product that is not Fair Trade and some consumers will see this as off putting – so why should they buy Fair Trade? We should all have a sense of social and economic responsibility and buying Fair Trade Products means we can ensure that we are ‘doing our bit’ to help the people that are crucial to the supply chain. It will also probably make you feel more comfortable in your latest sweater, allow you to show off your gold bracelet with pride or sip away on your coffee without a (metaphorical) bitter taste being left in your mouth.

Buying Vavavida

At Vavavida we are resolutely committed to Fair Trade Products and you will see that wherever possible we promote and sell Fair Trade. You will see in our product descriptions the Fair Trade story associated with it and we will usually give a line or two of information behind the origins of the product. We make it our business to know who is supplying the products that we sell and we know that our customers want to know the story behind their purchase – that is why we are completely open and transparent about the journey our products have taken from creation to delivery.

We work with suppliers from all over the world promoting Fair Trade so when you purchase our products you can be rest assured that you are helping communities in the local areas, which in turn is helping these suppliers to work in a sustainable way that is good for them and the local environment.

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