A Guide To Fair Trade Products Online

A Guide To Fair Trade Products Online

Before you start looking for fair trade products online, consumers should know more about these products and why they are so important. There are a number of specialized websites that offer various types of goods that are fair trade certified products.

However, the situation was completely different just a few years ago, it was much harder to  shop for fair trade products or fair trade crafts.

Coffee is typically the most common fair trade product people think of when hearing the term fair trade, it was actually one of the first products to be fair trade certified. Coffee farmers have a history of being abused by middlemen who offer them cash for their coffee but at a very small percentage of the true value. This happens because these smaller farmers do not have access to credit so they are forced to sell their coffee under value. In a fair trade system, farmers are guaranteed a much higher minimum price and they have direct access to buyers. This means their farms become more profitable and  more sustainable.

Searching For Fair Trade Artisans

After the success of fair trade coffee, new fair trade products and new fair trade artisans started to appear on the market.  One of these products is tea. Some of the biggest retail stores in the UK removed certain tea brands from their shelves after they discovered some of the horrible working conditions on tea plantations in India.

Filthy working conditions, 15 hour shifts, small wages, child labor, exploitation of women and the use of hazardous substances are just some of the reasons why tea needed to be included on the list of fair trade products.

By purchasing fair trade tea, consumers can be sure that these products were not made by slave labor of as a result of inhuman working conditions.

It has been also been proven that a fair trade system , where socially conscious buyers are able to buy fair trade products direct from the source, is one of the best solutions in the fight against poverty. 

Fair Trade products don’t stop at just coffee and tea, the following products are on the list of fair trade products:

  • Bananas
  • Chocolate
  • Gold
  • Beauty Products
  • Cotton
  • Flower
  • Sugar
  • Wine

The fashion industry is another place where fair trade products are starting to become very popular. There are a number of websites that sell fair trade clothing online.

Here is a list of items from Vavavida that are fair trade:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bags
  • Accessories

There are currently 1,000+ different products that are now included in the fair trade system.

A good place to start is by typing “fair trade gifts” into your favorite search engine and you can find many original and attractive pieces of jewelry made from local craftsmen in countries such as India and Peru.

By purchasing these fair trade certified products you are supporting local artisans, craftsmen and farmers. This support ensures a profitable, sustainable future for them and their families.

The Fair Trade Industry is currently a 7 billion dollar industry and growing. We can expect to start seeing more and more companies offering fair trade products online. People are becoming more socially conscious and are more aware of how inhumane some of the working conditions that produce their favorite products are. There have already been boycotts and other protests as consumers start to demand a Fair Trade option.

By purchasing fair trade certificated products, we are closing the door on inhumane working conditions that exist around the world.

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