Fair Trade Online Shop - The Way Forward?

Fair Trade Online ShopWhen shopping online how often do you consider who you are buying from? If you do ask that question, do you consider who is supplying the product direct to yourself or do you think about where that product came from in the first place? If the latter is true of you then you are part of a growing trend of Americans who are becoming more and more aware of the need to shop Fair Trade. According to a recent press release (February 2016) by Fair Trade USA, the leading third party certifier of Fair Trade products in North America, the awareness of Fair Trade labeling is now up to just under 60% (up from 53% in 2013) and Millennials are showing strong support for the notion of Fair Trade Online Shopping.

With this boom in Fair Trade, the option of buying from a Fair Trade online shop is becoming an even more attractive proposition for consumers who find themselves more and more consumed with the importance of being socially, economically and environmentally responsible for the goods they buy. The fact that consumers are now more concerned with the parties at the bottom of the supply chain as opposed to the outlet that is actually supplying them is a real positive and this focus on sustainability and fairness in trade can only be a good thing for the planet on which we live and the people who live on it.

A Fair Trade Shop or Fair Trade Gift Shop (whether online or offline) should give consumers even more possibilities in terms of the options when buying Fair Trade gifts and products. In October (which is Fair Trade Month), Fair Trade USA reported that outdoor clothing company Patagonia had increased its Fair Trade clothing styles to 192 which included 159 brand new styles from the previous year. USA imports had also hit an all time high and there were over 25 different varieties of Fair Trade fruit and vegetables available in North America. There are even opportunities to furnish your home with an array of home goods with West Elm being the first home furnishing company to provide Fair Trade products. They now sell over 400 products that are Fair Trade compliant!

As consumers become more educated on the need for sustainability across the entire world and not just in their own back yard then the demand for Fair Trade Online Shops will continue to increase and that is something that does not look set to change any time soon. The Fair Trade labeling is fast becoming as recognizable as big brand names and even the philosophy behind it is becoming more and more well known. If you are going to shop Fair Trade online then there are a plethora of options available to you and whether you are looking for your favorite Fair Trade coffee or perhaps even a Fair Trade gift such as a piece of clothing or an ornament, then you are only a Google search away from finding some of the best Fair Trade Online Shop websites.

Lack of education is no longer an excuse to be ignorant to the benefits of Fair Trade and if you can afford to spend an extra few cents on your coffee or an extra couple of dollars for a gift for a loved one then there really is no reason not to support Fair Trade. If you see yourself as a modern consumer who is socially, economically and environmentally responsible then why not be part of the majority of consumers who shop Fair Trade.

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