PRESS RELEASE: Fair Trade Jewelry Retailer Vavavida launches Committing To Women Club

Fair Trade Jewelry Retailer Vavavida Launches Committing To Women Club

San Diego, United States – March 29, 2016 

Vavavida, a Fair Trade jewelry retailer has announced the launch of an online website membership program designed to further support the Fair Trade products industry.

The Committing To Women Club is a lifestyle membership with a mission, designed to help break the cycle of poverty.

Each month, members of the Committing To Women Club will receive a beautiful fair trade gift from Vavavida in the mail without needing to go online and initiate the purchase. This fair trade product will help empower a woman and an artisan initiating a new cycle of prosperity.

Vavavida will curate incredible gifts for the Committing To Women Club from the best fair trade artisans and craftsmen. From beautiful fair trade jewelry boxes to stunning photo frames, Vavavida jewelry and much more.

The members of the Committing To Women Club will help support an estimated 300,000 women and artisans from all over the world.

Each subscription includes a unique CWC “Be The Change” Ring, a seasonal lifestyle gift handcrafted by one artisan and a monthly ongoing discount for purchasing other fair trade jewelry and gifts from

The Essential Subscription and the Signature Subscription give each member an opportunity to name the next fair trade product by Vavavida.

Essential and Signature Subscription members will also help to empower up to 5 women who are participating in the Women Empowered Program from PCI. More information about PCI’s Women Empowered Program can be found here

The main goal of the Committing To Women Club is to create awareness for fair trade shopping. The fair trade system ensures that the children of these artisans are more likely to remain in school much longer gives these children the best opportunity to create a sustainable future for members of the local community.

More About Vavavida:

Vavavida specializes in Fair Trade Bohemian and Boho Chic Fashion items procured from around the world. Vavavida’s online Fair Trade marketplace provides an opportunity for socially conscious consumers to connect with local artisans and craftsman from countries like India and Peru so they can purchase fashion items. Each item procured by Vavavida comes with a Fair Trade story associated with it further connecting the consumer to their purchase.

Vavavida works with suppliers from all over the world promoting Fair Trade so when you purchase our products you can be rest assured that you are helping communities in the local areas, which in turn is helping these suppliers to work in a sustainable way that is good for them and the local environment.