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Sana is a young woman from a rural and very poor part of india. As opportunities for improving her life were few and far between, she went to the city as a tween to work and help her family. Many children and young adults like Sana run away and flock to the cities in search of opportunities, only to be sucked into a continuous cycle of poverty. When she got to Delhi, she joined her father and a group of mostly female artisans in a metal casting workshop in the heart of Old Delhi and started working as jewelry maker for local tradesmen. Until a few years ago, they were routinely mistreated by their clients, forced to working in unsafe conditions for less than acceptable wages even for India and pressured into delivering overly tight deadlines. These are the symptoms for a cycle of poverty that can never be broken.

Until, in 2009, tired of this situation and wanting a better life for her family and for the artisans of the shop, Sana took action and searched for different client -- fair trade clients. She eventually found people who appreciated their work, skills and designs for what they were and decided to partner with them on a permanent basis using the fair trade principles of production. Since the partnership began, adhering to fair trade principles has had a direct impact on their revenues and only after a few years their earnings more than doubled, they had upgraded to a better workspace, and were now able to pay for sick time off for the artisans of the shop. Because of their fair trade economic success, they have recently also been able to create evening education programs for the members of the co-op… Sana is now participating as one of the first beneficiaries of their efforts and she will be the first woman in her community to go to college. Perhaps more importantly than anything else, there she will also become an example of what is possible to achieve for other women just like her. Sana is currently studying entrepreneurship and one day hopes to take over her aging father’s place as the head of this co-op; something amazing considering that India ranks 158th out of 168 countries on the gender equality index.

Sana’s success is a reality and fair trade can be part of breaking the cycle of poverty, and usher in the cycle of economic empowerment and education. Sana and her peers are a part of this truth. And taking action… and looking good while doing it is easier than ever with Vavavida.








story to come... soon



Story to come... soon