Sustainable Fashion – Your Guide To Eco Fashion

Sustainable fashion is everyone’s responsibility and though many consumers still do not focus on the sustainability of the fashion accessories and clothes that they wear, there is certainly a growing trend of consciousness surrounding eco fashion and textiles in 2016. 

But why is sustainable fashion so important?

Sustainable fashion is also known as sustainable design or sustainable fashion design and it essentially means the production of fashion garments that minimize the economic and social impact of their production. Whether that is reducing the environmental impact of production through the use of environmentally friendly production methods or materials, or whether it is through the implementation of ethically sound working conditions for local workers – the important of sustainability in the fashion industry should not be understated.

Sustainable Fashion Brands

The increase in demand for sustainable fashion designs has led to an increase in sustainable fashion companies and the creation of some really influential sustainable fashion brands.

Some of our favorites include:

Outdoor Voices – Best for athletic wear and outdoor pursuits. Based in New York, the designs are modern and aesthetically pleasing and the quality of materials is top class. Find them at

Ethica – A great place to find up and coming ethical designers and non-fast fashion. Not too pricey and the ethical designs are bang on trend for 2016 styles. Find them at

H&M Conscious Collection – Another collection of ethical designs that are bang on trend come from H&M. The Conscious Collection sees a reverse in H&M’s usual fast fashion focus and instead commits to 7 aspects of sustainability. The prices of the range of clothes and accessories will suit almost any budget and it is great to see a commitment from such a big player in the fashion industry to acknowledge the need for change. Could this be a first step for corporations such as these in making a serious shift in the way they mass produce their lines? We hope so – in the meantime you can find the Conscious Collection at

ASOS Green Room – Another big player on the international fashion scene that is making splashes in to eco fashion is ASOS. A top line of clothes designed for more formal or smart casual wear have been built in to their eco-friendly range and you will also find a range of more vintage clothes and accessories. With a focus on trendy and affordable fashion, but designs and production that are also eco-friendly and sustainable, the ASOS Green Room collection is another step in the right direction for such a major international fashion house. Find the collection at

Svilu – The last of our focus on eco-friendly fashion brands is one of our favorites, Svilu. The perfect designer for office wear, offering items of clothing such as dresses that are super high quality meaning they will be hard wearing and last a long time. The prices are a fair bit more expensive than other brands but the quality of design and materials more than make up for the initial expense. Find a range of top quality items at

That concludes our focus on the best sustainable fashion companies and we would like to think that we have given something for everyone in our top 5 picks above. No matter what your style, purpose of clothing or how big or small your budget is, there is something that suits every possible need in our list above. Now there really is no excuse to not be responsible over your fashion choices and after reading his article ignorance or lack of knowledge or choice can no longer be an excuse for buying fast fashion items.

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