Why Should You Buy Fair Trade Products

The main goal of the fair trade products industry is to help people live and work in humane circumstances by paying them a fair price for their work.

Why Should You Buy Fair Trade Products

By purchasing a fair trade product, you are not only accessing high quality products, but you are also making a difference in the lives of the people who grow the food you eat and the products you use.

This philosophy of fair trade is the reason Vavavida, an online fair trade retailer was founded.

Antoine Didienne, the Co-Founder and President Vavavida, has stated

Vavavida is an ethical fashion e-tailer of beautiful jewelry and accessories capable of empowering women’s economic future here and abroad. We retail products made by co-ops of artisans following the fair trade principles and with every sale we invest in women empowerment and gender inequality programs such as the PCI Women Empowered program.

Vavavida’s mission is to connect with artisans in poor countries to provide them an online fair trade marketplace to sell products to socially conscious consumers.

By providing these fair trade producers with a place to sell their items, Vavavida is helping these artisans advance and grow their businesses, as well as sustain their future and the future of their local communities.

All products sold by Vavavida meet the criteria needed in order to be sold as fair trade certified products.

Why Should You Buy Fair Trade Products

Would you buy a product if you new it was produced by employees working in an inhumane environment?

We all make decisions everyday that affect ourselves and those around us. This “freedom of choice” requires us as human beings to be responsible for our behavior, giving us an opportunity to become humane.

We all want to buy quality, affordable products that we love and are safe for us. This makes the decision to purchase fair trade products an easy one.

All pieces of jewelry and accessories sold by Vavavida are original and are made by local craftsmen and artisans. Fair trade products are made up of recycled and natural materials such as wood, bone, stone, or metal which makes them eco-friendly.

Vavavida offers a wide range of fair trade products. In the Boomika collection, one can find beautiful pieces of jewelry made with superior design almost entirely out of bone. Each of these products also combines a few different materials creating a unique, attractive piece of jewelry. For more information, check  out Vavavida’s fair trade products list.

The purchase of fair trade products online ensures that local producers are able to avoid the complex maze of corporate production lines. The purchase of these products will help artisans and craftsmen create better lives for themselves and for their families. 

The mission of the fair trade movement is to create a better relationship between socially conscious consumer’s and local artisans and craftsman.