Maya Earrings

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  • Add flair to your wardrobe with this sleek and modern pair of earrings. Those beautiful jewels are affixed with a mother of pearl ring and a semiprecious stone in the center that comes in a variety of colors.
    They are fair trade and handcrafted by local artisans in Peru.
  • Luz Escobar and her husband Marco Antonio Camara have been making jewelry since the 1970s. After many difficult years knocking on doors when they launched their little workshop, they were able to make contacts and sell more steadily to people with clients in other countries, including Vavavida.

    They currently have a workshop with 10 workers, and work in conjunction with six additional artisan families who work from their homes. Many members of Luz’s family are in the business and they are known for their organization and strong word to finish orders on time.

    Luz lives with her four children in Lima but says that “I love my job, it is my way to deal with stress and get away from everything.” In particular, Luz is happy that she is able to provide so many jobs to artisans around Lima and likes to share what she can with them: “the little that I can earn, I share with the artisans.” She further says, “I hope that my children stay with this” because she has put her life into this business so that her children can learn and carry on with the business that she and her husband have built up from nothing.
  • No special care needed for these earrings. 

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