The Sari Pocket Tote Red

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  • This great red tote is absolutely fabulous. Just like the name indicates, this very original tote is made of recycled saris. This tote is handmade out of upcycled Indian saris, this bag is spacious, lightweight, yet durable -and it's perfect on any occasion. Each pattern is completely unique and can make any outfit a much more colorful statement. It’s perfect for the bohemian lifestyle. Planning on visiting your local farmers market? Well don't forget to bring your Sari Pocket Tote! 

    It is a fashion statement, a conversational piece. You wanted cool and funky, these guys are to spur your inner flower child.

    Each tote is absolutely unique, so no two are alike. Each bag is handmade out of recycled Indian saris and will come in a different color and pattern ever time.
  • Saris have been present in Indian culture and imagery for thousands of years. Hindu goddesses of beauty, knowledge and power are depicted draped in the colorful garments, and women throughout India wear saris for many occasions. Upcycling saris reincarnates these beautiful fabrics into eco-chic fashion accessories while empowering women artisans to build sustainable livelihoods and communities.
    United through the guidance of our India team, small groups of women from urban slums in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh work in their homes to learn simple techniques to fashion jewelry and home décor with upcycled saris and other recycled materials. Because of the patriarchal culture, most of the women are confined to their homes with family responsibilities. The training and income provided by this craft empowers them financially and strengthens their confidence and support for their families and community.
  • Machine Washable. Lay flat to dry. 

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